What's so good?
By Rachel Skotarczyk | Jan 08, 2013

The Roomers Records haven't even created a tweet yet, and  Y. K L Ei N has created a name only suitable for a digital cut and paste world. Contrastingly, his choice of textual ascetics is reminiscent of third to eighth century uncial scripts.  Those two details put together might be trying to speak at/about something, but then again, maybe he means to not mean anything at all. Senselessness is the new sense.

Normally, I wouldn't bother to look so deep, but it is obvious that this mysterious producer is intent on a very conceptual introduction to the world, whatever the concept may be. And with the music being as thought-provoking as it is suave, I'm guessing the dude gets deep.

The whole album is available through his Bandcamp, and you won't be disappointed. Luscious soundscapes abound; it surely gives you the perfect tools for pondering.
Rachel Skotarczyk
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