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Yellow Red Sparks - Monsters With Misdemeanors

Nov 25, 2012

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Yellow Red Sparks began as the solo acoustic project of songwriter Joshua Hanson. Hanson grew up in Idaho, but eventually relocated to Southern California. After self-releasing an EP titled Simply Put ME In YOUR Place, Hanson added Goldy (drums/vocals) and Sara Lynn (upright bass/piano/vocals/banjo) to the band.

Yellow Red Sparks recently completed their first full-length record, which was mastered by Grammy award winner Brian Lucey. He's previously worked with The Shins, Sigur Rós and The Black Keys. While I cannot speak on the whole project, I find myself enchanted with "Monsters with Misdemeanors."

From the band's official press release:

"With a strong emphasis on lyrical content, Yellow Red Sparks create music with a timeless feel and continues the tradition of providing an open and honest perspective to raw, universal emotions that come with the everyday trials of life."
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