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Young Fathers - I Heard

Jun 07, 2013

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Why do we like this?
Young Fathers' "I Heard" evokes an unsettling curiosity as anxious percussion and accordion synths unfold in the first few moments. And then a voice too novel, too beautiful to ignore confesses, "Science is eerie when you're still around/Killing ya body cause they found you out/Calling the shots and I'm falling down/Look at the dust explode on the ground/Inside I'm feeling dirty/It's only cause I'm hurting."

The track's beauty blocks the filter on first listen; it asks us to get lost in it, before coming back to understand the loss in it. It begs not only for an encore, but for an entire album.

Fortunately there is an entire album, and it's as unexpected as this track alone. You can hear the entirety of Tape Two, the second EP from Edinburgh-based Young Fathers over on SoundCloud, and show the trio support on Facebook.
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