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Young Hunting - Maze

Jul 13, 2012

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Why do we like this?

For the past couple of weeks, several friends of mine have been coming to me for some "cool summertime music." To me, "cool summertime music" means chill, introspective tunes that one can play several times over and still sway with pensive lucidity. Sure, there are bands like Beach House and Wild Nothing that feed this sugar-pop craving, but it's always a treat when I come across a new band that nourishes my shortage of summertime splendor.

One song that led by shining example during a recent vacation to my homeland was Young Hunting's "Maze." This silvery pop gem from L.A. five-piece Young Hunting  starts off with simple instrumentation, indulgent ooh's and ahh's combined with thoughtful vocals that timely shift into a purveyor of never ending summer sunshine. Check out Young Hunting's Bandcamp for more!

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