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Ab-Soul - Nibiru

Ab-Soul - Nibiru

Dec 15, 2012

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Why do we like this?
Ab-Soul has been hitting the charts on many "Best Of" lists, and I'm surprised that he hasn't surfaced on Indie Shuffle yet. That being said, you guys are certainly in for a treat. Ab-Soul is a member of the Black Hippy supergroup, and is intellectually rapping his way into the hip-hop game with sizeable steez.

Released about four months back, "Nibiru" is a track that has stayed with me since I first came across it. If you are curious about the song title, Nibiru (aka Planet X) is a large planet that is expected to collide with Earth this year... anyone seen Melancholia? Shit's real. He also works in some rants about the Mayan calendar, aliens, pyramids and other conspiracies, but for some reason it doesn't make him sound crazy.

Beyond the meaning behind the lyrics, this track has a lot of likeable qualities. Ab-Soul's steady flow combine with his catchy loops and heavy bass flawlessly, and then are softly layered on top of hypnotic female vocals that frequently chime in perfect stride. If you are already a fan, you might notice that he also samples pieces of his Control System standout "Terrorist Threats."

While all of you are compiling your "End of the World" playlists, be sure to add this track. You won't be disappointed.
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