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Abby Sage - Force Of Habit
Apr 01, 2022
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Why do we like this?

Abby Sage's "Force Of Habit" is like a Russian Doll with each subsequent layer revealed as progressively better — attention is grabbed, piqued, and sustained. Unique production provides the washing-lined backdrop on which to hang meaning-rich lyrics. Sage's breathy vocals bring it all to life with striking vividness akin to the colorful laundry seen moving in rooftop winds upon one's travels.

Speaking to the track, this Toronto-born artist explains:

“I wrote about the desire for space & the push and pull a relationship brings. It’s centered around the idea of stretching yourself and your partner too thin (stretched you out like elastic, figured you out every last bit). You reach that point of stay or go & by ‘force of habit’ you stay. Ultimately you want to break the habit & free yourself from something repetitive and cyclical, but habits & comfort hold you back.”

Sometimes I wonder: Though the object of our attachment changes, is attachment itself, not something of a habit for us — a cyclical reaching out? It seems as though we're in a process of falling in love most of the time — be it with a person or a song about which to write. At which point does the hand that clutches, open its palms and end the cycle? At the end of the relationship? At the end of the song? Or when desire flickers out like a dying flame to darkness?

"Force Of Habit" was released with a gorgeous music video inspired partly by choreographer Pina Bausch. You can watch it below. Enjoy.


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