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ABSRDST and Diveo - We're Beautiful (GRRL Remix)

ABSRDST and Diveo - We're Beautiful (GRRL Remix)

Mar 05, 2016
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Sounds like: DZZ, Blank Body, Drippin
Why do we like this?

Fuck… As I write this, I just ordered a pizza to be delivered to a Starbucks, and I don't really know if I should be depressed or stoked. Fortunately, hearing GRRL's "We're Beautiful" remix seems to have given me the answer: I should be really stoked.

And holy shit. This song. I find myself at a loss for words. The only ones coming to mind are curse words, which, yeah... they aren't too tasteful. But then again, neither is ordering delivery to a coffee shop. Whoops, right?

Anyways, Diveo and ABSRDST have been two of my favorite artists for quite some time, and this specific track was compartmentalized into my little box of guilty pleasures. Really, all of Diveo's music could fall under that guilty niche. His sound makes me feel like I'm eating gummy worms and hugging puppies on top of marshmallow clouds. And if that isn't a beautiful thought, I don't know what is.

As for GRRL's remix, it is one of five remixes for their collaborative original, and while all may be fantastic, this one had me dancing as I waited for my pizza. The rest of them were all very special in their own ways, but that bouncy club appeal will always win me over.

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