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Ages and Ages - Needle And Thread
Jun 05, 2018
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Sounds like: Wilco, Kate Lomas
Why do we like this?

I'll try to save the hyperbole, because as you'll see below in the quote, Tim Perry isn't the biggest fan of it. The guitar on this is just so lush, and the singing is so youthful and fun.  

"To me, this song Is about trying to navigate the super-saturated media soup of hyperbole and despair that we have been in recently. It sometimes feels like you're watching a train wreck happen in slow motion, powerless to stop it. Then you begin to realize your own reaction to the train wreck is being managed and exploited...it's just another product you are being sold, even though there real-world consequences. Who do you take seriously? We've got to find a way to navigate all that while maintaining some semblance of mental health - you can't start drinking at lunch every day. So this is our attempt to channel all that into a fun 3-minute pop song, thereby solving all the worlds problems and totally fucking saving the day for all humanity.

In the production and arrangement, we just tried to keep it bouncy and lighthearted. Like you were having a really serious conversation while playing volleyball at the beach. If you think too hard, you miss the ball. "

If you dig this, just go to SoundCloud and give them a follow.

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