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Alice Phoebe Lou - Lovesick
Mar 31, 2021
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“Lovesick” is a vulnerable, introspective track in which Alice Phoebe Lou explores her emotions around loving someone who no longer loves her back. This is a hard space for anyone to be in, especially when the relationship has ended and those feelings of love and longing rear their heads at random moments, making you wonder where the ghosts have been hiding the whole time. But Lou explores these feelings with a purity and innocence that reminds us exactly why she is a tiny force to be reckoned with. Her vocals are ethereal and melodic, breezy, feminine and clean, and provide a contained groundedness to her heartfelt lyrics:

“I can't help thinking about

All of the perks of loving you

Even if I have to hold this love alone

Until it passes through”

Last year, Lou got in touch with the deepest, darkest parts of herself as she spent time alone in lockdown; she shaved her head, had a self-described ego-death, fell in love, and subsequently mended a broken heart. It was these experiences that culminated in her third studio album, Glow, and on it, Lou sings about love in a way that is mature, insightful, indulgent, honest, and brave. Talking about the origin of the album in a statement, Lou explains:

“I used to feel quite self-conscious about writing love songs, but now I like the idea that your music can be a friend to someone, and make them feel as though they’re being related to. This album simply poured out of my heart and my subconscious, and there was no stopping the lovestruck nature of them. Sometimes love, love lost and the ways in which these matters of the heart affect us, are the most relatable feelings in the world.”

Glow was released on March 19th, 2021.

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