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Aloha - Moonless March
Mar 07, 2010
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The last place one would expect to encounter a little bit of Hawaii is probably Ohio. Sure, they're both U.S. states, but I think the similarity stops there. Fortunately for Ohio, a decade-old veteran experimental indie-rock quartet by the name of Aloha are once again bringing a little bit of sunshine and balminess to an otherwise harsh Ohioan winter -- just in time for Spring! When their last record 'Some Echoes' was released, the leading track 'Brace Your Face' worked its way into my favorite song list with little resistance. Now, four years later, their new album 'Home Acres' attempts to pick up right where they left off.

Though the album cover for Home Acres may be a bit gloomy, Aloha's four members (now scattered throughout the East Coast) have no problem creating a quick-tempo, reverb-filled and smiley album. One key to this happy formula (beside the heavy presence of drum-line style percussion) is the use of marimbas and vibrant synthesizer, elements that have abounded throughout their former releases.

My only qualm might be that the band does not seem to have evolved in any astounding manner over the last three/four years--something I have come to look for in new releases from bands that I like. As a result, while I find the album to be enjoyable, it might end up being somewhat unmemorable for certain listeners. That said, if this is your first exposure to the quartet, I think you'll do yourself well to go out and purchase the album.

Home Acres will be released by Polyvinyl Records on March 9th, 2010. You can click the image above to pre-order.

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