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Andrew Applepie - Magic Lamp
Mar 12, 2021
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German musician, songwriter, and producer Andrew Applepie’s new track, “Magic Lamp” is a laid-back, electronic jam created in the name of letting loose and losing yourself to the music. It’s a fun, danceable track with simple, straightforward lyrics punctuated by the easy-to-remember line, “I was born a dancer” repeated throughout. It’s charming, curious and clearly communicates Andrew’s lust for life and humor.

Did I love it? Not really, but I can still appreciate it for what it is. A vibey, busy, complicated mix of modern electronica and what sounds like every other instrument the guy could get his hands on. The usual culprits such as guitar, drums, and bass are of course present, but there are also some completely unidentifiable sounds that may have been caused by kitchen utensils. It’s a bit auditorily complicated for me, but I don’t doubt that others out there who love musically intricate dance-tracks will enjoy it tremendously.

On Twitter, Andrew describes the song:

“It’s about my weird brain, about using your fantasy and dancing in funny ways.”

So, a fun time all round, then. Give this single a listen if you also have a weird brain and like dancing in funny ways, or even if you don’t. You may just discover something new about yourself – and if that’s not one of the best things about music, I don’t know what is.

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