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Antony and the Johnsons - Swanlights (OPN Edit)
May 12, 2011
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Why do we like this?
I go to UC Santa Cruz. Antony Hegarty went to UC Santa Cruz. So of course I'm going to give his EP Swanlights a good review.

Back in October, we reviewed Antony and the Johnson's Swanlights. We used phrases like somber, melancholy, unique, deeply emotional, spiritual, self-reflective, and "full of joy and sadness" to describe both the album and artist. Get the point? His music is sad but it's good to listen to.

Take this OPN edit remix of "Swanlights," for example. The softness of his voice juxtaposed with the intensity of the instruments is definitely eerie. Antony himself described the album as "the reflection of light on the surface of the water at night and the moment when a spirit jumps out of a body and turns into a violent ghost." Not really sure how what he meant, but to be honest, it works both literally and metaphorically with his kind of music.

ATJ released this EP both digitally and on 10" via the label Secretly Canadian (because God knows if they were "Overtly Canadian" no one would listen to their artists. Just kidding, Canadians. But seriously: you gotta get over your fear of the dark.)

Back to the review at hand (supposed to be read with a Snoop Dogg voice)... this new EP, also titled Swanlights like the original, includes four songs: a title track, a remix of the title track, and two "exclusive b-sides." It's sort of a continuation of Antony's project to explore the natural world via music and art.

Included in the special edition version of the original Swanlights was a 144-page book containing paintings, collages, photography and writing. On this new EP, Antony gives us a new music video directed by his sister.

In short, this EP is a small yet fun addition that you should add to that "I'm so sad I want to listen to sad music because my life is so hard" playlist that you hide from all your friends.
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