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AVES x Markus Perttula - Silent Solitude
Feb 22, 2024
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Why do we like this?

Songs subsume one's reality and, if one listens intently, transports us elsewhere. A soft sunset is enhanced when headphones transition over ears, and the sounds of humming cars and buzzing street lights are replaced with swirling symphonies crafted by the mind of an artist.

The beautiful thing about AVES and Markus Perttula's "Silent Solitude" is that it is essentially an ode to the present moment. It invites each listener back to themselves. The present is here and now for each one of us, and in that way, it's incredibly generous. So where are you, as you listen to this beautifully shimmering track?

I can feel the wind dance around my legs as the melody of "Silent Solitude" takes flight. The music gracefully shifts from one ear to the other, courtesy of my headphones, enhancing the experience with care. In these moments, tenderness and gratitude intertwine, a testament to the beauty of these artists' creation.

However you are met by this song, it will be your 'now' and in that, there is solace.

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