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Björk - Crystalline
Oct 11, 2011
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Welcome back, Björk. We missed your twisted perceptions. This time around, Björk's new album, Biophilia, is a fantastically abstract and enchanting fairy tale. This album is a journey of dark and beautiful experimentation perfectly suited for those looking for a mind-bending musical experience.

Biophilia is drenched in synths and choral harmonies, giving a thrilling new-wave compliment to Björk's distinctive feminine vocals. "Experimental" is an understatement when describing the overall feel of this album but after all, that's how Björk built her empire. She's now taken it to a new level. In one way, it's possible to dissect this album effect by effect and question how all of the electronic effects can even work as a whole. On the other hand, if you listen to it as an entire artful piece of experimentation, it's truly orchestral and strangely flowing.

It just so happened that the iPad was released while Björk was writing this album. She found the instrumental apps fascinating and began incorporating many of the app's instrumentals into Biophilia, stating:

"The interactiveness goes really to the core of the music, the structure of the song," Bjork says. "It's not just something like an accessory. ... It is the song." -npr.org

Biophilia is an ode to nature. Listen to the lyrics and you'll come to find that Björk has encapsulated her own translation of nature's world through the work of electronics. Even her lyrics represent some sort of organic, even rigid, description of her own description of the world around us; dark, cold, entrancing, overwhelming, very much like Iceland, her homeland.

Perhaps the release of Biophilia is perfectly in due time for the approaching winter season. Don't wait to get acquainted with this album. There are many facets to explore so go out and buy Biophilia today!

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