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Black Eyed Peas - Positivity
Mar 21, 2017
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By 1999 The Black Eyed Peas were, to many, already highly uncool. Where I came from, I’d get teased endlessly if I mentioned listening to them let alone getting caught in the act. My credibility was on the line every time I defended Behind The Front (still one of my favorite albums). Then, just like now, I gave a firm zero fucks because, man, it's a great album. Listening to it today, I like it just as much as the first day I heard it in my stoner boyfriend’s rusted out beater.

Today I feel like snapping back to the classics. I woke up thinking about this album so here we go. The Black Eyed Peas may have got way out there as performers and we can knock them for being successful and selling out and whatever, but pointing fingers and yelling "sell out" is precisely the vibe they fought against. They stayed true to their vision, their message, their intent, and look how well they did. 

There’re many tracks I love/loved on Behind The Front. The title track “Behind the Front” gets me feeling just right, “Fallin’ Up” is close second, but “Positivity” was life changing.

Being that it’s the astronomical first day of spring in the northern hemisphere, a message of positivity feels highly appropriate. Take a lesson from The Peas, give zero fucks, stay true to yourself, never buy in to the haters, and keep it on the positive.


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Tags: Editor's Pick, hip-hop, rap, soul
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