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Bonobo - Stay the Same Ft. Andreya Triana (Soundsome Dubstep Remix)

Bonobo - Stay the Same Ft. Andreya Triana (Soundsome Dubstep Remix)

Jun 18, 2011
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Sometimes, songs just come into your life at the right moment. Welcome to the right moment.

Soundsome's dubstep version of Bonobo's "Stay the Same" is definitely one of the best remixes to come out so far this summer. I know, I know: it's only been a few weeks. But trust me, this song is that good. You just can't deny how absurdly beautiful these exquisite beats on top of Andreya Triana's heavenly voice sounds. The song is straight up ethereal, an out-of-this-world tune. Close your eyes and tell me you don't want to pretend you're flying right now. And no, you don't have to be high (although I'm sure it wouldn't hurt).

With hardhitting lyrics and beautiful jazz undertones, this song gives an insight unparallled at this moment in our lives (yes, you read that right: our lives). Just take a moment to really digest this track: you're not only enjoying incredibly delicious chillstep beats but you're also taking a moment to reflect (if you're listening to the lyrics, that is) on the the difficulties of maintaining a sense of identity while growing up and the transience of life.

The song, remixed by Germany's Soundsome and produced by DUB2DNB, a recording/ promotion company based out of Birmingham (UK), breaks off from the usual loudness of dubstep into what many are calling dubstep's quieter subgenre, chillstep. I guess a little variety never hurts, though some say subgenres are pretentious hipster bullshit. You tell me.

For more chill music, I recommend heading over to DUB2DNB's YouTube channel. Their version of In the Deep is one of the better Adele remixes and Rhys Williams, the lad behind the company, is constantly uploading new tunes. Lastly, take a break from listening to this song on repeat to compare it to Bonobo's original and let yourself decide which one is better (I trust you'll make the right choice).

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