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Boogrov - Unost (Ft. The Retuses & адйля)
Nov 03, 2021
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“Unost” is a silken, dreamy combination of ethereal, atmospheric Russian vocals and ambient minimal tech that creates a rich tapestry on which to lay down on your back and watch clouds change shape against the background of a rapidly changing sky - blue, to green, to orange, to pink, to purple...and finally to an inky black void on which tiny pinprick stars populate their own realm of space-time; blinking into existence and then out again, as if they never existed.

Deep, complex, melodic, and hypnotic, Boogrov combines a unique take on authentic folk and boundaryless electronica that fluctuates seamlessly between past and present. In Russian, “Unost” means youth. And there’s a purity, a light-filled essence to this track that encapsulates the sense of youth beautifully - even if you don’t speak enough Russian to understand the lyrics.

That’s the power of music, I think: its ability to communicate so profoundly, so clearly, so sincerely and relatably - and all without words. Youth may be fleeting, but “Unost” will be hard to shake.

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