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Bosques de Mi Mente - La Ultima Vez Que Estuvimos Todos Juntos
Nov 18, 2011
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Alright, it's time to take a break from all that hip hop and dubstep you've been enjoying. Wait, is that just me?

Bosques de Mi Mente (Forests of My Mind) is a solo project begun back in mid-2007 that reflects on restlessness and melancholy. The Spanish artist responsible describes the creation of his music as "an attempt to record, on tape, the melancholy of my childhood, a happier epoch of which I keep very spare remnants." It's therefore light and heavy at the same time -- intense reflections disguised as easy to listen to minimalist piano/guitar.

There's no doubt that the hauntingly beautiful compositions will stop you in whatever your doing, unobtrusively forcing nostalgia-laden visual memories to resurface to your consciousness. It doesn't take checking song names like the featured "Nostalgia" or "Soledad" to have this music resonate with the deep inners of your heart.

A great addition to his music is the detailed process of creation that Bosques de Mi Mente writes extensively about on his bio page, making sure to relate, in painstaking detail, and in both English and Spanish, where his mind was at during the production of the music.

The featured album, Ruido Blanco (White Noise), was apparently "caused by the isolation, loneliness and distance from [the artist's] friends and family, and the fact of being reduced to just [his] piano and [his] guitar." I'm constantly filled with happiness when reading declarations such as these, since to me it speaks to the remarkable distances we've come in our ability to express ourselves and reach others through art and the Internet.

You can find out more about Bosques de Mi Mente by visiting his official homepage. If you're into this sort of simple-yet-thoughtprovoking ambient, I suggest you also take a peek at Hauschka or Olafur Arnalds in your free time.
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