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Braille Face - Glow
Apr 05, 2016
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Today, I'd like to introduce you to "Glow" by Melbourne artist Braille Face, the first new signee to the just-relaunched independent label, Spirit Level, founded by Tim Shiel and Wally de Backer, who you probably know better as Gotye. 

The piece starts at a distant, with a faintly droning synth and a cold, tinny rhythm. In no rush whatsoever, new sounds gradually form a sparse and alien atmosphere, while the vocals enter the piece a full minute in.

As though a large magnet is in the center of this piece slowly dragging elements together, the layers begin to grow in gravity and volume, with firm, yet controlled intensity. Listen carefully, for the minuscule synth trickles, distant vocal harmonies and watery percussive embellishments add color to this icy mosaic of understated electronica. 

It's a deeply progressive track, which each phrase an almost total departure from its neighboring phrases. It almost feels like the opening segment to a much longer track - I can easily imagine "Glow" unwinding into a hypnotic ten or fifteen minutes during a live set. 

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Tags: Editor's Pick, Electronic, experimental, four tet
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