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Bridges of Königsberg - LP Teaser
Sep 06, 2010
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These days, when most indie bands are not really independent, it is exciting to hear a band that is self-sufficient and not attached to the corporate media conglomerate that is destroying music. Take a look at Bridges of Königsberg's website and you will see photos of the band assembling the packaging for their debut EP, We Have Many Faces, by hand. Now, this may not seem that impressive for a local band, but take a listen to the song "Waiting For Stars To Explode" and you will find that Bridges of Königsberg is not just some local garage band churning out half-assed music in a sad attempt to pass the time in the boring suburbs of Northern Illinois. The music of Bridges of Königsberg is bigger than that -- it's more exciting and more original.

The music itself is mostly instrumental, save for a few breathy lines of vocals by bassist and vocalist Paul Petrosyan, and is carried by the beautifully distorted melodies of guitarist Matthew Brakel. Compared to other post-rock groups, whose music seems to be drawn out for ages, the music on We Have Many Faces is to the point, but still long enough to get completely lost in. The album is also wonderfully produced, especially considering that it was recorded without the help and budget that other so-called indie bands have.

Also worth mentioning is the musicianship of this band; the music is complex and impressive, each instrument is played flawlessly and carefully with much attention to detail, every note articulated in just the right way. Even the electronic elements fall into place nicely; the high-pitched drum loops compliment the acoustic drums while the synthesizer provides an ambient backdrop during the album's more somber moments and sharp arpeggios during its most intense moments.

Bridges of Königsberg takes all the best elements from post-rock, electronic, and shoegaze music to create something uniquely beautiful without the help of millionaire record producers, PR agents, and other trivial things that get in the way of great art. We Have Many Faces is available for download on a name-your-price (including free!) basis at Endless Field Studios.
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