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Caamp - Fall, Fall, Fall
Sep 15, 2020
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Why do we like this?

Sometimes the lyrics are what draw you to the song, but for this track, it was the lyrics that kept me listening.

“Fall, Fall, Fall” talks deeply about climate change. Out of all the verses and chorus, I kept circling back to the plain yet gripping line, “I want my kids to swim in the creek.” Having a clean place to spend time outdoors is such a simple thing to ask for, but it’s devastating to imagine an Earth so polluted that even the most basic outdoor activities are suddenly taken away.

The song’s theme is even more prevalent now as we are seeing the effects of climate change in real time, like the wildfires that have been ripping through California for weeks.

Acoustic tunes like this make me pause to reflect, and hopefully, “Fall, Fall, Fall” does the same for you. The powerful message mixed with a meditative instrumental backing is bound to bring you a little bit down to Earth.

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