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Calcou x mellowdine - Wait for you
Dec 05, 2023
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Sounds like: Bonobo, TWO LANES
Why do we like this?

There's a new concept that's been colorfully twirling around my mind for the past two days. It's nothing novel, but it's hit the heart a little harder, and in so doing, has made its impact. Here on earth, where we live in concepts of past and future, we don't wish for something and have it instantly manifest into our little laps. Instead, we wish, we hope, we work, and we wait. It is via the 'delay' that we eventually find our gratification.

There's something tender about this, coalescing compassion in my tiny human heart for the sometimes subtle, sometimes course suffering that this means we will endure. At the same time, it's rather sweet too. Beautiful it is to think of our collective hearts, shining in the night, wishing upon stars. And sometimes, by some sweet swirl of fate, we get what we want.

This was the case for Calcou & Mellowdine who have been creating together for 20 years. Early on their lives went separate ways but "Wait for you" marks the symbol of their reunion. And what a symbol it is!

Said to be a melancholic 'hymn to waiting,' "Wait for you" burrows into the listening heart and nestles her way into the gentle recesses where she can innocently play and dance with fading memories and softly glowing young dreams.

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