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Chad VanGaalen - Replace Me
Aug 30, 2010
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Enough can't be said about Sub Pop. What a label. Three years ago, I was fingering through a stack of CDs in hot search of The Grunge Years sampler they put out in "˜91. I can't say I was aware of its significance then, but I absolutely loved that compilation when I discovered it.  After each listen I remember thinking, "Here's personality!" Sub Pop issued a large shot of adrenaline then, and staying in tune with the label has led me to some incredibly noteworthy artists, more currently, Chad Vangaalen.

By current, I mean 2005.  This is when Chad Vangaalen first came onto the scene with his kaleidoscopic debut, Infiniheart. Inspired by his animations and illustrations, Chad intrinsically weaves strings of electronica and folk into one endearing pattern all by himself.  Artfully, he does so with the aid of numerous generic instruments and interestingly, a few handmade.

If we're talking Sub Pop, it may be prudent to mention his origins. He hails from Calgary, Alberta, otherwise known as Western Canada.  This will become painfully obvious after listening to a majority of the album.  But he doesn't hang squarely on the signature northwest sound. There's plenty of cadaverous guitar work and hushed tones if that's what you're looking for, but if you're hoping for a faster, more urbanized pace then you'll be just as contented.

The Elliott Smith influence hovers at times, but only for a few songs -- and even in those songs it doesn't overpower the original concept. The change in direction comes during the electronica segments. Things get experimental, but appropriately pulled back before it deviates too far. The subject matter is non-linear, but relatable and presented so genuinely that you can't help but move yourself into his mindset.
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