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Chanes - PROS (NVLT)

Chanes - PROS (NVLT)

Mar 09, 2013

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Why do we like this?
So you should know by now that Detroit makes the world go round in most areas of modern life in the U.S., but especially in music. This should really be no surprise, but it's always nice to a new member of the Motor City that brings a slightly different take on the grit and soul that makes the city such a force.

Chanes is one of those discoveries. Presented to me (and you) by Detroit's ambassador to the world, the incomparable House Shoes, Chanes seems to be a diamond-in-the-rough. Apparently the young producer has put in work for the likes of Moe Dirdee, Marv Won, Fatt Father and others, seamlessly transitioning from gutter street music to experimental trunk-rattlers.

His first instrumental solo release through Insect Records, Renegade Hands, features more of Chanes' experimental, amp-shattering compositions. Originally pressed on a limited run of green cassettes, the run has since sold out, and I'm left kinda pissed because I have a Lincoln Towncar with a decent sound system and a tape deck, but no Chanes tape to blow out my speakers with. I hope you didn't make the same mistake. Don't sleep on Chanes, the heat Butcher Bear and Insect Records puts out of Texas and anything House Shoes might recommend you, except for the rugged and disgusting diet he somehow has still managed to keep.
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