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Chelsea Wolfe - Movie Screen
Jan 21, 2012
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I'm obviously out of the loop on this one but Chelsea Wolfe is boggling my mind right now. Within the first 30 seconds of listening to this song, I was frightened and amazed and covered in goosebumps. I'm thoroughly freaked out and in love with this song all at the same time, and this is a new feeling for me so bear with me.

The beginning of the song begins with just Chelsea's voice singing "Don't you ever cross that bridge in your mind again.(It's like a movie screen)," which is the anthem throughout the entire song. The melody is heart-wrenching, haunting and filled with despair. Actually, the whole song is like that, but it seems and sounds like Chelsea is the woman for the job.

There is an obvious deep-rooted eerieness that Chelsea's music gives off, but it works for her. With simplistic synths, creeping bass, billowing drums and the definition of haunting vocals, this song would fit wonderfully on a soundtrack for a twisted, dark and terrifying movie... one that I would never have the guts to see because this song is about as much creepiness as I can take.

I'm teetering between loving it and making sure to not play it too much so I'll be able to sleep tonight. Maybe I'm overreacting, but either way, this song immediately moved me and I still can't figure out if it oozes an angelic or demonic aura.

If you're into this track, I suggest you watch the video for it here which was just recorded last week by Room 205. Furthermore, check out her albums... there are two of them and they're breaking the mold.
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