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Chris Clarke - Don't Mimic (Ft. Ronald Bruner Jr., Thundercat, Taylor Graves, Kamasi Washington & JThorn)
Aug 02, 2013
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If you're out and about in Los Angeles, you have no doubt seen Chris Clarke at some point. He's hard to miss. Far from shy, always beaming with positivity and towering over most at six feet something, Chris gets around, and his music reflects that.

An MC brought up in a very rich musical environment, Chris has been making his own brand of feel-good hip-hop for years. He recently released his latest project for free, The Handpicked, which features handpicked collaborations with some of L.A.'s finest and most slept on cats.

"Don't Mimic" was a fast favorite with its break-beat and funky bassline combination and sunny-day-in-L.A. vibes. Chris low-key flexed his rolodex on us real quick: Ronald Bruner, drum prodigy, rapping; Stephen "Thundercat" Bruner, playing bass and harmonizing; Kamasi Washington, with the saxophone solo; Taylor Graves assisting Thundercat on the harmonies; and J Thorn rounding out the guest raps.

The story of the song's formation is just as eventful. Apparently the song started as cut for Ronald Bruner's upcoming solo album. Tracked out at a dojo where both Chris and Ronald train, the song's skeleton was laid back in 2010. Like so many ideas, it sat on the shelf undeveloped until Chris seized it for his own use with Ronald's blessing. With a grander vision for the track, Chris gathered Taylor and Thundercat in the studio earlier this year and began fleshing it out. A late night phone call was placed to Kamasi to lay his contribution, and the humble heavyweight trekked out from his home in Inglewood to Hollywood in the wee hours of the morning to blow his horn. J Thorn's verse was laid at a later date.

Los Angeles is alive and breathing, much more complex and interesting that what fizzles through television or radio. Pay attention and you might learn a thing or two!
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