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Chris and Thomas - Broken Chair

Chris and Thomas - Broken Chair

Aug 12, 2010
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While working out and listening to music go hand in hand, you don't normally hear about great music discoveries from a yoga class. I guess I am one of those exceptional cases, because my yoga instructor played the song "Broken Chair" off of Chris and Thomas's Land of Sea while we were meditating the other day, and I fell in love. It's by no means a new album (it was released in 2006), but it affected me enough to write a post raving about it.

Just like a good red wine has subtle hints of other elements like chocolate, espresso, or cherry, Land of Sea has strong undertones of Simon & Garfunkel, The Shins, and Iron and Wine. What sets them apart from other acoustic folk bands is their lyricism and delicious harmonies. Listening to their deep, gravelly voices makes you feel like you're sitting around a campfire somewhere in the American Southwest.

Chris and Thomas's achy guitar strumming epitomizes the saying "there's so much beauty in pain" to a T. From songs about yearning desire to self-discovery, Chris and Thomas weave a melodic blanket that showcases hope, fear, dreams and, of course, love. Indie Shuffle blogger J Meagher featured Chris and Thomas in a "Most Played Songs of 2009" list, and I can only bet that Land of Sea will work its way into everyone's heart. Keep an eye out for Chris and Thomas's new music "“ they recently released a three-song EP, and I'm sure there will be more to follow.
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