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Christian Tiger School - If You Want To

Christian Tiger School - If You Want To

May 19, 2017

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Why do we like this?

In fear of my life, I'm going to actually put some details about the artist/s into a review of mine. It's a first, so bear with me.

Luckily I've had the pleasure of knowing Joey and Timone from Christian Tiger School for a few years now. Three things about the duo that you really should know -- apart from that they're playing at Sónar this June:

  1. The pair are parents to a Japanese Bobtail named Trap Queen.

  2. Both of their mothers are named Jessica.

  3. Joey, the lead singer, has continually supported popular South Africa rap group PHFAT. Which is something that Timone is quite jealous of but doesn't want to bring up around Joey because he's not sure how Joey would take it and wants to keep the crew tight.

Anyways, there's tons of exciting facts to learn about Christian Tiger School. They're marvelous lovers and have large vinyl collections.

Here's to management hopefully not asking me to re-do this review!


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