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City Calm Down - Sense of Self

City Calm Down - Sense of Self

Jan 24, 2013

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City Calm Down isn't  a band that has seen overnight success like so many other popular Australian acts. The Melbourne-based four piece have been patiently perfecting their craft over the past few years before unleashing the finished product in late 2012: their  EP Movements. Immediately acclaimed, it's seen them start to gain the respect only hard work and patience can deliver.

The EP's second single, "Sense of Self," is a real throw-back to the classic electro-pop of the 80s. Driving bass and spacey synths pave the way for the band's magnificent echoing vocals.

Their music is completely infectious, and a real testament to bands really creating a sound of their own. After taking their time getting to this point, I have no doubt they're about to blow up in the coming year.
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