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Conveyor - Right Sleep
Jun 15, 2012
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Let's all warmly welcome Conveyor to the Indie Shuffle community. After just recently being introduced to them, I am significantly intrigued by the non-directional approach they take to create their music.

In this particular video, Conveyor is down in Austin at SXSW performing for Utopia Sessions. The song starts of shimmering and bright, leaving lots of room to keep the mood light. But just you wait. Sure, the beginning of the song is glittery and upbeat, but you'll soon discover that one of these verses is not like the other. This song is a twisted vortex interweaving through an ever-changing compilation of non-repetitive sections, all pieced together to result in one fantastically innovative and captivating jam.

The highs and lows are sure to invoke a plethora of feelings. Sometimes manic and sometimes heavy, either extreme is thoroughly enjoyable to listen to. I truly didn't want this song to end. If you feel the same way then you're in luck! Conveyor will be releasing a record on July 17, and they'll be on tour across the states and Canada all summer.

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