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Cults - Always Forever
Oct 23, 2013
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As if Cults couldn't get any dreamier after their self-titled debut album, their follow up, Static, takes the duo's warm inviting indie pop sound to an even higher level. The whole vibe of the album is much more atmospheric, and while it makes you feel all fuzzy inside, it manages to be subtly more aggressive.

No longer is their sound reminiscent of 60s bubblegum pop; it has a moodier, upbeat trance. With this newfound maturity they've traded in their high-pitched glockenspiel and replaced it with layers of synthesizers that just engulf you in a pleasant daze, with Madeline Follin's voice seeming to drift above.

So far, no song has struck me more than "Always Forever." As her voice seems to reach its highest pitch yet, it haunts the rest of the song, floating above a swirling array of synths, completed by the high chiming of the piano. Granted, at times Madeline's voice is almost so washed out you can barely understand what she's saying. However, you become so immersed in the sound it doesn't even matter. It's got a bass beat you can't help but sway to, and once again Cults will leave you with an aura of enchantment.
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