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Dark Blue - Hanging From The Chandelier
Sep 26, 2014
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Sounds like: Joy Division, Editors
Why do we like this?

Dark Blue is out of control. Despite having a clear sense of identity in the relentless "Hanging From The Chandelier," the mask has a tendency to slip.

Take, for example, the serene vocals of lead singer John Sharkey III, who breaks from his commanding melody to emit a series of loud screams. The rawness of the sound is enough to make you pay attention. Then the hook kicks in.

In terms of mood, there is no let-up in what can only be described as an ominous master class. From the beginning, the march-like drum beat straightens your back and forces you in line.

The guitars seep into your ears with dissonant leitmotifs, and the bassline is ruthlessly powerful. The chorus is classic in its execution, with Sharkey's beckoning, "You know me, why don't you come with me?" both enticing and creepy in equal measure.    

The menacing authority of Sharkey III bears a close similarity to Tom Smith with a smidgen of Ian Curtis. In fact, Dark Blue sounds a lot like the Editors if they lost their cool.

The guitars ascend and eventually sound like multiple car alarms going off inside your broken ears. With one final scream, John Sharkey III brings to a close a musical episode that started regulatory and ended with total madness.

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