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Deerhunter - Fountain Stairs
Justin Kim
Justin Kim
Jan 12, 2012
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Hellogoodbye's newest song sounds a lot like everything I love listening to: it's damn catchy, full of foot-tapping melodies with fun quirky lyrics. On their EP When We First Met, these fellows just sound like nerdy boys turned indie popsters, and I love them for it. Word on the web is there is a new album in the works; for now, hellogoodbye is giving us a new song, when we first met. Though this 2009 mini ep starts off with the power pop sounds of when we first met, it slows down significantly with not ever coming home. Both songs are whimsical, and all in all, I like what I'm hearing: The vocals are subtle; instruments sound crisp and fun.

Earlier this year, hellogoodbye toured with hanson. Can't say I see the connection, but perhaps it's a sign of the pop sounds that really fuel hellogoodbye.

As a single, when we first met has potential. I'm still worried, however, that may band falls into previous pits. If you listen to this band's myspace, you'll notice they aren't all indie power pop, much to my disappointment. Their attempts at electronica are much less successful than their straightforward attempts at indie rock. Rather, I think that they really excel on the songs in which they keep the focus on the instruments and easy to understand lyrics. Some of the songs even sound like yellowcard experimenting with electronica (Think of owl city remixing of ocean avenue; It just doesn't work).

In the end, Hellogoodbye's strength lies in the songs where they sound more like Jens Lekman or I'm from Barcelona. This new ep suggests they've finally found their niche, and the need to cover a range of genres may finally be beyond them. If their new album keeps with the sounds of when we first met, we may just be in luck.

If you like what you hear, hellogoodbye is offering this mini ep free on their website: hellogoodbye.net

Something of a makeover has taken hold of formerly annoying auto-tune rock band Hellogoodbye. Their days of synth-dance seem to be behind them and the new page falls squarely on sensitive indie rock "“ Strangeglue

I was quite surprised to see that my boys (or boy, considering Forrest Kline is the only original member left) in Hellogoodbye had done some growing up since their early Drive Thru days. The band's latest single, "When We First Met," screams indie power-pop rather than the synth-drenched electro-pop of "Call and Return" (which I still maintain is one of the greatest songs ever.) Those of you who tossed them aside after hearing the over-played "Here (In Your Arms)" should definitely give HG another go "“ All things go

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