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Destiny's Child - Say My Name (Cyril Hahn Remix)
Oct 26, 2012
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Sounds like: Holy Other, Joneses
Why do we like this?

Cyril Hahn, who hails from Switzerland but currently works out of Vancouver, has graced us with a smart and banging reworking of a kitschy classic in his remix of Destiny's Child's "Say My Name."  This song has more or less been on loop in my brain for the past few weeks. The track does an enormously successful job dancing a fine line between earnest ass-shaking remixery and totally irreverent irony.

From its opening cut, Hahn plays coy with the remix. The original track isn't immediately recognizable if you're not listening for it, and the pulsing beat draws you in from the start. The downtempo bassline also creates a sultry soundscape that begs the listener to get funky.

I swear I crack a smile every time the vocals really start in, around the one minute mark. I love listening to the down-tuned Beyonce croon like some sort of torch-song tranny. I actually think I would like the Beyonce that I imagine sings this remix more than the real Beyonce. I can just see her with her boa and three inch finger nails, packing some serious thickness, spilling out of some gaudy cocktail dress while side-bobbing her head and urging us to "Say baby I love you, if we aint running games." And every time I do imagine her, she makes me want to dance.

Not only does this remix pay sweet homage to some staple late-nineties kitsch that we're all probably a little embarrassed to have loved, but it really does hold up as a sexy, hip-swinging club-friendly jam. This is a track you could make awesome, awkward love to, and as goofy as it is, its catchiness is undeniable. Both fresh and nostalgic, Hahn's rendition of "Say My Name" is a remix that I can't help but get down to. I will definitely be keeping my eye on Cyril for any upcoming gems.

Check out Soundcloud for a free download here.

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