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Diplo - Look Back (Ft. DRAM)
Apr 11, 2018
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Why do we like this?

I wake up and check my phone the next morning.

"He still hasn't popped up on my timeline, thank god."

It's been months, but I just passed that ice cream shop which always makes me think of him.

"Hope he's doing well."

My kids are playing tag in the front, I'm proud of my ability to procreate and remain a stable individual in society.

"I wonder if Jeanine is finished with those goddamn waffles. Perhaps this is a larger commentary on gender equality and I should work harder to pull my weight around the house. It's not fair that she is also the bread winner -- although, if I weren't around the cat wouldn't get fed as often."

*wondering who still uses SoundCloud*
*types into web browser* www.soundcloud.com 
*hits enter*
*latest Diplo EP appears in feed*

"But, but I thought he was dead. No, no, that was Prince. I thought he only made trap music. We were supposed to be over."


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