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Diskay - Wide illusion
Sep 30, 2022
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Why do we like this?

Clearing one's mind and allowing it to wander in other worlds is the intended result of Diskay's "Wide illusion." I guess humans use a plethora of varying causes, with the hopes of the very same result.

'Reality' always is what it is, moment after moment, but sometimes it can be a little more elevated than the general mundanity in which we tend to linger. For example, some people reach that elevation through meditation, others with substances, and for many, it's music.

We're all just out here experimenting to find what it is that makes us float above our everydayness. It's rather cute to think of humans like little balloons, wriggling about as their knots slowly untie, and one by one, they make their way into the sky. Though the result is similar and the methods many, the consequences along the way affect each journey uniquely.

Diskay dove deep into the method of musical experimentation. Vocal chopping, as well as a Behringer MonoPoly — an analog synthesizer — were a few of the ways the artist experimented in "Wide illusion." The outcome of which is a song that has the potential to broaden the listeners' perspective as they float betwixt the clouds. See you in the heavens, Shufflers.

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