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Dj Brush - better than words
Dec 20, 2021
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Sounds like: Mt. Wolf, freddie joachim
Why do we like this?

In Buddhism, there is mention of 'name' and 'form'. 'Form' is that which we perceive in the world — objects that take on shape and color; and 'name' is our perceiving mind that labels or recognizes it. I, an English speaker, look at the form of my hand, I give it the name 'hand' whereas a Tibetan speaker would look at my hand, the very same hand, and think 'lakpah.'

It is this thinking mind, that uses its library of words to spin and weave tales that, oftentimes, leave us feeling in a real muddle. Imagine the Tibetan speaker, told us the very tales we tell ourselves, we'd not flinch simply because we'd fail to understand it. It's the same story, made up of words, but because we do not attribute meaning to those words, we are left unaffected.

Then we get music. In music, it need not matter which language you have learned because it is through music that we can be made to feel something regardless. This is what Dj Brush is touching on in "better than words" — a song in which music is described as a universal language.

It's calming, it's thought-provoking, and most of all, it is universally beautiful. I hope you enjoy this beyond name, beyond word, deep within the translation.

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Sounds like: Caribou, Bonobo
Tags: Editor's Pick, ambient, chillwave, bonobo
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