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DZ Deathrays - No Sleep
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Apr 26, 2012
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If you're listening to DZ Deathrays, I would advise you to play them loud. Very loud. Apologize to your mother, shut your door, and twist that volume knob. DZ Deathrays are Shane Parsons on guitar and vocals, Simon Ridley on drums, and a hell of a lot of distortion.

Australia's been experiencing a bit of a punk revival in the last couple of years, and DZ Deathrays' Bloodstreams is a solid addition to the genre for 2012. Bloodstreams is made up of mostly drum-heavy thrash tracks with a few slower, sleazier tunes thrown into the mix.

Their more orthodox punk tracks like "Teenage Kickstarts," "Cops Capacity," and "No Sleep" are hammered out in an energetic assault of noise, but it's OK because it's punk and it will all be over in less than three minutes. "No Sleep" has been the biggest release from the album so far, getting a fair amount of domestic radio airplay and YouTube hits from the music video featuring Arj Barker.

Some of the tracks like "Dollar Chills" and "Gebbie Street" have more of an electro influence, grinding along at a sexier, more deliberate pace. Parson's rhythmic chanting, shrieks and groans in these tracks sounded so similar to Death From Above 1979 that I had a little moment of nostalgia.

I really liked Bloodstreams. I find a lot of punk music a bit samey, but DZ Deathrays provide enough variety to keep me attracted without the hit and miss factor. Their website states that the band started playing at house parties and will probably end at one, but before that happens you can catch them on tour in Europe during May.
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