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Elder Island - Purely Educational
Feb 18, 2021
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Elder Island returns with their own brand of shape-shifting, psychedelic, indie-electronica. “Purely Educational” is the soundtrack to a memorable night out: the anticipation building in a darkened room, the glitz and glamour, the lights strobing, the dancefloor pumping, the smell of cigarettes clinging to your dress, and the beautiful people around you moving their bodies in unison as you lose yourself to the music (anyone else miss this? I know I do, as if that wasn’t obvious. Pandemic be gone! Shoo! Ugh, I miss real life.)

The funky bassline is layered seamlessly with 80’s inspired synth melodies and dreamy, reverb-laden, energetic vocals that shift in and out of focus. “Purely Educational” is at once commanding and containing in the way that a good dance track should be. This upbeat song defies any one genre and creates a mind-meld of tantalizing nostalgia through an unforgettable combination of surrealist electronica and disco-inspired pop, with just a sprinkle of neo-soul for good measure.

“Purely Educational” is the third single released off of Elder Island’s eagerly awaited sophomore album Swimming Static, due for release on 28th May 2021, which is still a little while away. At least that gives us hope that by the time the full album is released, we’ll be able to enjoy it as fully as possible – grooving and shaking as the speakers blare and you try not to slip on the drink someone accidentally spilled right in front of you while you dance the night away at some exclusive party. Not likely? Let me dream. I’ll be listening to this track while I do.

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