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Elder Island - Sacred
Apr 06, 2021
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Nina Simone's New Age Years

The start of this song was a warping,time-traveling nostalgia trip, the whaling voice of the lead vocalist, Katy Sargent, threw me into a past of jazz and blues only to whiplash me back into a colorful, kaleidoscopic soundscape.

Elder Island has been a truly indie-electro trio, a rumor amongst the avid listeners of the joyful audio space that is dance electro. The band isn't vocal in their need to be seen, they merely create music, drop music and watch the flock collect around their ever-changing sound, their new chant of dance and movement.

"Sacred" takes them into a completely unique forest of mashed genres, what starts off as a Nina Simone, James Bonde-esque intro theme switches into what can only be described as a flying funk dance piece that takes you up into a religious space of movement. In title, this song succeeds in making you feel like the moment-to-moment time spent listening to it is truly sacred — a feeling you won't grab again with ease.

A really special experience for the followers of the dance anthem.

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