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Emerse - Closer
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Aug 13, 2013
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My job is writing about Australian-made music, but luckily that doesn't just include artists who live in Australia. There are a number of incredible Australian musicians who've set up camp around the globe (Kyson, High Highs, etc.), and you can now add Berlin-based producer Emerse to that list. He's from a family with a huge musical background -- his grandfather played alongside noted Beatles contributor Ravi Shankar on a number of occasions -- so it's no surprise that he's followed in their footsteps.

Fellow staff-writer Sean already covered one of his tracks, "Clouds," and now we can bring you his latest single, "Closer." I wasn't surprised to find out that he's completed a degree in  Sound Engineering and Music Theory given how he's structured this beat-driven and minimalist track.

Germany (and Europe in general) is renowned for its electronic music scene, so I'm glad Emerse is over there representing the Australian talent.
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