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Feist - Caught A Long Wind (Nicolas Jaar Edit)
Oct 20, 2014
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Why do we like this?

This song is a drug. A slow and calculated drug. The original doesn't even wait until the chorus to get excited -- it defies the formula for a conventional masterpiece. When the song breaks, it's just to prep for the next story. 

"I caught a long wind
A long life wind
I got to know the sky
But it didn't know me
Got to see the light
And land on top of the sea
And be the bird, be the key
And now the current tells
What the wave withheld
And then the lightning say
Oh where light will lay
Where will you go?
Keep yourself afloat"

Nicolas Jaar's edit to this song is minimal as ever, hardly touched but just enough to emphasize the parts that connect your heart to your ears. It's a continuos shiver that stays on the back of your neck. Like sleeping with the window open, but under just the right amount of blankets, waking up and knowing that the outside world will never be as lovely and personal as your bed. It's flight for man, defying the laws of physics, and writing on a Sunday morning with a candle and a cup of chamomile tea. It's your fond memories of college boyfriends (or girlfriends), people who gave you light, or took light away from you. It's the deeper soul.

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