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Fejká - Shades of You (Ft. Henry Green)
Oct 25, 2022
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Why do we like this?

I genuinely enjoy Henry Green's voice so much, which is why German producer Fejka caught me with their song "Shades of You" which contains vocals by the British singer.

"Shades of You" is a delicate song that carries with it a sense of adventure, travel, and exploration, especially when paired with the music video.

This song, as well as the previously-covered "Hiraeth," brought on the release of their new album, Hiraeth. I've given the album more than one run-through and I get the sense that Fejká creates music that is ethereal in that it has the ability to broaden the listeners' perspective — from the mundane to the expansive.

In both this album and 2019's Reunion, the artist's songs seem to comprise a steady beat that allows the topline to shine. The difference is that in Reunion, the topline seems to be purely uplifting — like The American Dollar meets Tycho. Whereas Hiraeth's topline, although still uplifting, has a slight heaviness to it that wasn't present in the former album.

If you're liking what you're hearing, your best next step could be to visit Fejká's website or Spotify.

Fejká - Hiraeth
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