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Fiona Apple - Every Single Night
May 16, 2012
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Fiona Apple is a tough woman, and although there are large gaps of time between her album releases, she always comes up with something timeless and original. Hence "Every Single Night," her single taken from her upcoming album, The Idler Wheel.

The song starts out glittering and simple, but Fiona is known for her touch of twisted neurosis, quivering vocals and amplified drums -- and she doesn't disappoint. It's almost as if there's a war going on within this song; at times it's delicate and innocent, and other times it's booming and soulful.

This track surely shows that Fiona is expanding her sound and bending the indie rock genre she once so clearly defined. As always, her voice steers the way through this winding path of brightness and darkness, never getting lost in the mix.

Her newest album, The Idler Wheel, is set to release on June 19, and I think we've waited long enough. Mark your calendars, fellow shufflers, because I think this one will be a great one!

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