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Fishing - Yuwa
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Aug 24, 2016
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Sounds like: Collarbones, Orbital
Why do we like this?

This is a day I have been waiting for. I have quietly loved Aussie’s duo Fishing for a handful of years, thanks to the brilliant suggestion of Hugh McClure. I can’t count how many days I’ve listened to “Nineteen / Boy Wunder” on repeat, fantasizing about their next work and direction.

The wait is finally over with the release of “Yuwa,” their brand new single that is delightfully different than their work on Shy Glow.

In a press release the boys said:

"Yuwa comes straight out of throwback euphoria and having fun with synths. It started in our old studio but finished up in the desert, expansive and celebrating pure good atmosphere... Being young Sydney boys we've changed our lives and vibes a lot since our last album and for the last year we've been secretly going straight up into more dance territory than people may be used to."

I’ll admit this new sound and genre is not my specialty, but that doesn’t mean I love it any less. Just after the one-minute mark, the beat behind dance-inspiring “Yuwa” changes to sound a bit more tribal. And again the song morphs at 1:45, at which point I kept hearing strange sounds reminiscent to Orbital’s “Halcyon On and On.”

The song builds into one hell of a finale, when all of these appetizing elements fold together.

We hope to hear more from these guys, soon! Enjoy!

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