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Flash Bang Grenada - In A Perfect World (Ft. Open Mike Eagle)

Flash Bang Grenada - In A Perfect World (Ft. Open Mike Eagle)

Aug 19, 2011

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Why do we like this?
Busdriver is weird-rap royalty; he's been delivering his esoteric, rapid-fire verses for years. Recently he has joined forces with Daddy Kev's Low End Theory host Nocando, a world-famous freestyle battle rapper in his own right, to form the duo Flash Bang Grenada.

It seems now might be the time for Busdriver and Nocando's "alternative" rap to find a deserving audience. The rise of the beat scene that Nocando is directly associated with (and Busdriver is kinda by proxy) suggests that the tastes of kids today might be more open to the music than before.

The timing is great because if this track is any indication, both MCs have found a comfortable balance between idiosyncratic lyricism and overall enjoyability in music. It doesn't hurt that Open Mike Eagle, a relatively new artist in the same lineage as Nocan and Busdriver, drops a stellar guest appearance and that the song is produced by Brainfeeder's Timbaland, Mono/Poly.

Flash Bang Grenada just released their debut album 10 Haters. Check it out.
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