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fugue - Reflections
Aug 28, 2017
Total plays:
85 times
Sounds like: Four Tet, Burial, Nutrition
Why do we like this?

We've just received word that the "Catch me outside howboutdat" girl has released a new single. There are folks on both sides of the fence; the opinion produced at the highest frequency on Twitter seemed to be along the lines of, "Y'know it's actually not that bad."

All of this is too much, especially off the back end of a pretty good thumping from Liverpool FC this weekend. The rant I had prepared was subsequently deleted. So, it'll just be one simple-ish message from me.

Please choose your music, and the music you introduce to your family and peers, wisely. Consider this fugue track the equivalent of wearing a musical condom that allows you to enjoy new sounds disease free.

Right, as you were.

Tim Shiel and Lower Spectrum - Elevate (Remix)
Sounds like: Four Tet, Caribou, Burial
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Four Tet - Parallel Jalebi
Sounds like: Burial, Four Tet
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Ted Jasper - Buried
Sounds like: Bonobo, Four Tet, Nutrition
Tags: Editor's Pick, Electronic, downtempo, four tet
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Nutrition - Dream Walk
Sounds like: Four Tet, Burial
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