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Future Islands - Glada
Mar 04, 2021
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The Old Man at The Edge of Time

There's something about older musicians that truly enthrall me sometimes, their lyrics become far more impactful to me when I know the weight of time has kind of eroded or fed their symbolism.

"Glada" is a single from Future Islands - a band that I have been slowly falling in love with ever since the release of their latest album,As Long as You Are. Their music has always found itself digging in between alt-rock ballads and enthralling electro-pop. Their music always has an aura of retrospection, which comes from the lyrics and aged vocal abilities of the lead singer Samuel T. Herring.

"Glada" is a driven yet soft ballad on the effects of time and age on us all. A slow-building song riddled with introspective memories of experiences past and present. This song is in its totality all about age, about giving in to the uncertainty of ones' final years and about a forced, but needed calm.

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