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G - Outer Space (Ft. Genevieve)
Oct 26, 2015
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Why do we like this?

Any discussion of the universe tends to paralyze my abnormally active mind. The thought of all those nameless galaxies and stardust particles floating in suffocating blackness leaves me chilled. I’d rather not talk about it or think about it.

However, there is a strange exception to this rule. I am drawn to songs and artists that dabble in dark matter. Synths, saxophones, and glittering lyrics are the only way to navigate the haunting abyss. M83 is a most excellent example, but I’ll save those loving words for another day and another song.

Today my fascination rests with Jimmy Giannopoulos’ project G, this stellar song, and the mouth of Genevieve Schatz.

Genevieve’s ethereal voice soars on this track, leading us into our auditory exploration. I am overly conscious of the flickering noise in the background, and how my head sways as the material builds. At 1:41, the saxophone kicks in. Forever my favorite instrument, especially in celestial songs. There is a fantastic sax solo featured, wait for it.

If I were headed out of this world, rendered useless by fear and the unknown, this is the song I’d want playing before earth left my fishbowl view. Maybe you’ll agree. “Outer Space” serves as a quiet kiss goodbye to the world I knew, and a powerful preview of all the stars yet to be seen.

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