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Galimatias - South
May 01, 2018
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Lately Indie Shuffle's been receiving so much great music through SubmitHub, and for me, it's always nice to ask the artist for a unique quote. When there's fifteen posts you've got to do, it's easy to take up a little space for a post with a quote when you're not feeling as inspired after the tenth. When I asked Galimatias for a quote, he had provided more than enough filler.

Though it took me about a month to finish "South," the idea came together pretty fast. I was messing around with the two prominent chords and added the drum groove. But when I made the bassline that's when I knew the track was gonna amount to something. I feel like that one slap bass note kinda made the song. It definitely wouldn’t be the same without it.

I started working on vocals and let the vibe of the track direct the lyrical narrative. The music felt very sensual and intimate so that's how I wrote it too. I found inspiration in early 00’s Pharrell and Justin Timberlake. D'Angelo too. That was the kind of R&B I listened to growing up.

I actually spent a couple of days making a chorus, and it turned out pretty good. But it just didn’t feel right for the structure of the track so I kinda scrapped it. But then I was like: I don’t want to just toss it away, I can use it in here somehow. So that's actually what you hear as the very outro. Be it very subdued and filtered, that was once a chorus. For me, its always like a puzzle to create a song. And sometimes you gotta kill your darlings to make the pieces fit.

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